With the Internet as the fastest growing form of commercial exchange in the world, the need for tighter security is paramount. Therefore, Red Crown Federal Credit Union has taken a serious approach to security. From the ground up, we have implemented a security system that safeguards your money and keeps your account information private. Red Crown Federal Credit Union has been equipped with a protected environment using a nationally recognized networking architecture consisting of data encryption throughout the transmission to prevent unauthorized access.


Encryption is the process of scrambling information by applying a mathematical function in such a way that it is extremely difficult for anyone, other than an intended recipient, to retrieve the original information. Central to this process is a mathematical value, called a key, used by the function to scramble the information in a unique and complex way.

Red Crown’s web server and your browser negotiate a unique session key. This session key is then used to mathematically scramble and descramble all communication between the web server and your browser.

Secure Sockets Layer

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an open protocol for securing data communications across computer networks, which provides secure channels for data transmission through encryption. It provides an encrypted communication link between a user’s browser and the web site host. SSL guarantees the authenticity of your web content, while reliably verifying the identity of users accessing restricted web sites. SSL also provides transfer capabilities of digitally signed certificates for authentication procedures.

SSL can be implemented using a 40-bit or 128-bit encryption scheme. The more bits used in the encryption scheme, the greater the encryption and the less chance that data can be intercepted and decoded for fraudulent activities.

When you visit a site that requires encryption, your browser will display a key or lock in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. This will confirm that you have a secure connection. When the key or lock is not there, your connection is not secure.

Digital Server Certificate

Red Crown has a Digital Server Certificate from Verisign, Inc. A Digital Certificate contains information that a specific Web Site is authentic, which ensures that no other site can assume the identity of the original site, hence verifying that you are indeed connected to Red Crown Federal Credit. Certificates of authentication offer message integrity, thus ensuring that data cannot be modified after it is sent.


The Credit Union is protected by a firewall, which is a barrier between the outside Internet and the internal Credit Union network. This protects your accounts from unauthorized access from outside the Credit Union. All Internet traffic entering or leaving the Credit Union must pass through the firewall. All incoming traffic is actually addressed to the firewall, which only allows pertinent information to flow into the Credit Union. The firewall examines each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria.

Built-in Safeguards for Home Banking

  • Automatic Log-off: Remembering to sign off is very important. if you do forget to sign-off, Red Crown will automatically sign off for you after 10 minutes of inactivity. This will help prevent any unwanted access to your account.
  • User ID and Password: Services which permit access to your account requires you to enter a User ID and Password every time you begin a session. Access to your account is only available when your User ID and Password are entered correctly. By memorizing this information, you help to make sure your account is protected from unauthorized access.
  • Limited Login Attempts: In order to use CUOL, READI and eStatement, you need your unique password. If someone else is trying to enter a password to view your account, he/she won’t get very far. CUOL allows only three (3) tries to enter the password. After 3 failed attempts to gain access to your account, it is determined to be fraudulent activity and the account is “locked out”. No further login attempts will be allowed. To regain access, you will need to contact Red Crown during regular business hours to have your password reset.

Your Role in Security

While Red Crown works to protect your account, you also have an important role. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your online experience is safe and secure.

  • Most importantly, don’t reveal your password to anyone. Your password is designed to protect the privacy of your online information, but it will only work if you keep it private. If you think your password has been compromised, change it immediately or call us to change it.
  • Don’t leave you computer unattended if you are in the middle of a online session.
  • Once you have finished your online session, always log-off before visiting other sites on the Internet.
  • If anyone else is likely to use you computer, clear your browser cache or turn off your browser and re-start it in order to eliminate copies of web pages that have been stored on your hard drive. How you clear your cache will depend on the browser and Verisign you have. This function is generally found in the browser’s preferences menu.

Red Crown Credit Union is dedicated to providing alternative banking options with stringent security measures for our members.