GAP Insurance

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What is GAP Insurance?

Red Crown provides GAP Insurance that covers the financial shortfall between your primary insurance company’s total loss settlement and the remaining balance of your loan. GAP covers the difference after the deductible. We provide GAP Insurance for any vehicle under 200,000 miles and qualifies for a loan with Red Crown.


  • Covers your auto insurance deductible up to $1,000**
  • Protection for the life of your loan
  • Protect personal credit rating

*These benefits are subject to terms, conditions, limitation, and exclusions set forth in your GAP Waiver Addendum.
**Deductible reimbursement benefits subject to the maximum limit set forth in your GAP Waiver Addendum. Deductible reimbursement benefits are only applicable in the event a GAP amount is waived under the GAP Waiver Addendum.

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