Red Crown School Debit Card Program

All Public School Debit Cards with the verbiage $24,500 donated in 2023.

Since 2017, Red Crown Credit Union has committed to a handful of Oklahoma public schools. Every time a Red Crown member uses their school debit card, Red Crown donates to the participating school.  

Our Debit Card Program focuses on engaging as many schools in our membership field as possible. Initially, Adair and Salina Public Schools were the first two districts that participated, but Pryor Public Schools followed closely behind. Today, we partner with eight schools, including Adair, Salina, Pryor, Locust Grove, Chouteau-Mazie, Sequoyah, Verdigris, and Claremore. The donation that is made to each school allows them to advance the education they provide to their students.  

In 2023, Red Crown donated $24,500 through the program, with each school receiving a different amount based on their card usage. Overall, Red Crown has donated over $77,000 through this program since 2017.

Over the next five years, we intend to expand the program by increasing our partnerships with more schools in our membership field. There is a significant opportunity for growth for all schools. The more cardholders, the larger the donation back to each school! Our members make this program possible, and we appreciate them for being members of Red Crown.

To get your school’s debit card and be a part of the yearly donation, visit

Red Crown Breaks Ground at MidAmerica Industrial Park

Red Crown Credit Union (Red Crown) is happy to announce our partnership with MidAmerica Industrial Park. Red Crown was chosen as the first retail location to break ground in MidAmerica’s new multi-use development called “The District,” combining retailers, housing and public recreation areas.

Set to open in 2020 The District will include 32,000 square feet of retail space, a 100-unit, multi-story living complex, 100 residential homes and 10 acres of parks and outdoor spaces connected by walking and biking trails, officials said. “Red Crown will occupy a space in The District and will be able to provide financial products and services to individuals who live and work in the industrial park,” said Mike Moyer, President/CEO – Red Crown. “Mayes County has been a great community for Red Crown. We are happy to be presented this opportunity and happy to serve the community members of Mayes County,” said Moyer.

Picture includes, Mike Moyer: Red Crown President/CEO speaking at the MidAmerica Industrial Park ground breaking.

Salina Public Schools Donation


Red Crown Credit Union is supporting Salina Public Schools with a donation to purchase a new scoreboard for the Salina softball field.

Red Crown Credit Union President/CEO, Mike Moyer, had this to say, “We are happy to support Salina Public Schools with this donation. We appreciate the opportunity to give back to the students and members of the Salina community.”

Salina Public Schools Superintendent, Tony Thomas, also spoke about the donation, “Salina Public Schools is very thankful for the donation from Red Crown Credit Union to purchase the softball scoreboard. This will go along to the other facility upgrades that Salina Public Schools is working on.”

The scoreboard has been purchased, built and will be installed at the softball field in the next few weeks.

Picture includes, left to right: Salina Public Schools Superintendent, Tony Thomas and Red Crown Credit Union President/CEO, Mike Moyer.