In-Branch Services

Red Crown In-Branch Services

Red Crown wants to offer you the best banking experience for your financial life. Not only do we offer checking and lending, but we offer other services so you can get the best value with your Red Crown membership.

Man filling out a check

Reorder Checks

Do you need to reorder personal checks? You can reorder them at any Red Crown branch or use Harland Clark to reorder your checks online.

A man putting money into a wallet

Payroll Deduction

This service allows you to designate a portion of your direct deposit to be automatically transferred into any of your other Red Crown accounts. It can even be set up to pay your loan automatically.

Man working at a computer

Wire Transfer

If you need to transfer funds fast, use Red Crown’s wire transfer. Our transfer fees are low and we offer the speed, security and efficiency that you need to move funds domestically or internationally.

Person paying with a Visa Gift Card

VISA Gift Cards

Why give your loved ones gift cards to a pre-determined store? Give them a Red Crown VISA Gift Card. These gift cards are prepaid debit cards that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. Purchase a gift card and give a gift that everyone can use. VISA Gift Cards can be found at our Southtown and Midtown locations.

Vault Door

Safe Deposit Boxes

A great service of having a local credit union is having access to safe deposit boxes. Keep your important documents and items secure with a Red Crown safe deposit box. Our safe deposit boxes are available in four different sizes, with your first year’s rent free. Safe deposit boxes are available at Southtown and Mayes County locations.

A person handing another person a check

Cashier’s Checks

Do you need an alternative form of payment because personal checks aren’t accepted? You should consider a cashier’s check. This type of check is typically an accepted form of payment because it is considered to represent guaranteed funds. Cashiers checks can also be used for payments over $1,000.00, unlike a money order. Red Crown allows every member one free cashier’s check per day.

Night Drop Door

Night Drop Boxes

There are times when you can’t get to Red Crown before we close, so we have given you 24/7 access to our night drop boxes for a secure way to drop off a deposit or a payment after hours. Night drop boxes are available at Southtown, Claremore, Mayes County and The District locations.

A document with a pen on top of it

Notary Public

Many documents must be notarized to be accepted. A notary is a person authorized, by law, to authenticate and certify signatures on documents. Free notary service is available at any of our locations, for our members, on a walk-in basis.

Man counting coins and placing them in a glass jar

Coin Machines

A free service Red Crown offers to it’s members is the use of our coin machines. Bring your coin into the branch, run it through the coin machine and then take the receipt to a teller to credit your account. Free coin machine services are offered to our members at all Red Crown locations.